HOW TO work with Ejm Art MTM etc.

  • Download & Assemble Pattern Pieces
  • What is MTM Garment Prints?
  • How to use Layplans for MTM &  All-over Prints?
  • Find sewing guidances, click HERE

Get the answers below and…



  • How it works (English speech) > overal brief introduction covering the following subjects:
    • The downloadable pattern file: Ejm Art Blouse & Sweater XS-XL pattern
    • Using pattern pieces for any fabric
    • Using the pattern pieces for for “MTM Garment Prints” (which is fabric printed in print sections for all pattern pieces)
    • MTM huge repeat prints
  • MTM-garment (English speech) > guidance on how to use of Ejm Art patterns XS-XL for Ejm Art garment designs:
    • Understanding MTM lay-plans
    • Lay of chosen sizes
  • Assemble pattern (English speech) > How to print the Ejm Art patterns and guidance on cut and tape of “Ejm Art garment patterns” (which you otherwise can choose to get printet from your local professional printer/plotter).

How it works


Assemble Pattern (make sure to have a newer version than version 9 of Adobe Reader installed)

  • 00:00 – 00:47 Intro (recommended to hear & see)
  • 00:47 – 01:44 How to print (the print settings)
  • 01:44 – 04:00 Lay the charts as a puzzle (the assembling part)
  • 03.05 Recommended part to hear, if you should plan to skip the above timelines

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