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Prints & my creative process

Photo/ graphic Art

Family Bedding Kits

My shop at Spoonflower (fabric, wallpaper & gift-wraps)

Ejm Art with Spoonflower “Home decor products”

MTM designs, Pattern pieces & Tutorials

Prints & my creative process

I develop my prints illustrative graphic and photo-manipulative transformed. The graphic prints are hand- and digitally drawn motifs of how I interpret the Zeitgeist & the Beauties of History and the Present. This I do with my aesthetic view, and DNA of Ejm Art (pronounced: I´m Art). My prints are:

  • surface prints
  • seamless repeats (all-over prints)
  • Made-to-measure (MTM) Ejm Art garment designs created for best possible utility of fabric & economic buy; a design made ready in pattern-piece sections which can be cut to fit from size Small to e.g. XL. Files with pattern pieces for those designs will be available for download and can also be used traced on Ejm Art all-over prints.
  • Ejm Art huge repeat prints (these are prints which will fit x-amount of meters for accomplishment of a certain design.

Some prints (or color versions of my prints) may not be purchasable. If you desire a not yet saleable design let me know. ?You are always welcome to leave me any requests on prints and color versions of your interest. ? MTM “Ejm Art huge repeat” bedding designs are for the time being only for display & for B2B. Please email me at To all my prints there is a story… Discover which whenever you click on one of my prints

Bedding in “Wild Poppies” print design transformed from the “wild Poppies” Photo Art wall decoration.
Print design inspired from some of Art Nouveau’s greatest artists; The amazing building of Hector Guimard, the use of gold in the fantastic work of Gustav Klimt, and the beautiful drawings of Alfons Mucha… Inspirational lines, colors and style…

The Story of Art Elefly

"Art Elefly" is a all-over print of art nouveau elephants and butterflies with rustic gold glitter effect. Main color soft rose. Print repeat dimensions: 10cm x 7cm / 4" x 2,8"

“Art Elefly” is a all-over print of art nouveau elephants and butterflies with rustic gold glitter effect. Main color soft rose. Print repeat dimensions: 10cm x 7cm / 4″ x 2,8″

The Story of Dream Orbit

Dream Orbit all-over print in soft-rose color play. Pattern of circular shapes with a mass which kind of draws you in like a black hole. Available in two print repeat dimensions: 25cm x 19,2cm (9.8" x 7.6") and 15cm x 11,5cm (5.9" x 4.5")

Dream Orbit all-over print in soft-rose color play. Pattern of circular shapes with a mass which kind of draws you in like a black hole. Available in two print repeat dimensions: 25cm x 19,2cm (9.8″ x 7.6″) and 15cm x 11,5cm (5.9″ x 4.5″)

Photo Art

I love to capture nature as I see it and I have a passion for, not only transforming some of my photography into mirroring interpretations but also into pattern designs unrecognisable of its origin. The possibility of wearing a dress or sleeping in bedsheets of which designs was created from the Photo art on my wall excites me: I love the fact that it gives me a story to tell… If you wish to create products from my designs and have the source of its origin displayed on your wall please click the following links: Photo art Transformed Prints My photos are artistic; true to the aesthetics of nature it self and to my interpretations. Not all photos available have been transformed into prints. Those which have, will always have a link to the designs created and vice versa. As something new Graphic Poster Art is also available. Now you can match both graphic and photo wall art with your purchase of finished goods or own fabrics projects.

Family Bedding Kits

NEW NEW NEW! For DIY sewing enthusiasts.

Be the tailor of your own bedding kit for the whole family!

I am so happy to offer duvet & pillow cover fabric kits for Baby, junior and Adult.
Designs to simply cut & sew.
The kit includes cotton satin fabric for a pillowcase and duvet cover, zippers for both, wash-labels and sideflags to which you, being the tailor, can add your initials. You also get a beautiful matching bag in a high quality gabardine fabric.

A super gift idea for the whole family. Even as a beginner to sewing, you will rock!

See the current designs available here 

My Ejm Art shop at Spoonflower

I sell some of my products directly from my website. Others are sold from my shop at Spoonflower. Links that take you there, are placed at the given product pages. 

At Spoonflower you can purchase a vast amount of fabrics in Test Swatch,  Fat Quarter and Meters. Unfortunately momentarily no half meters or less, which is why I also create MTM (made to measure) print designs for best utility & economic buy.

Spoonflower is a wonderful platform for creative people to sell and buy a vast amount of beautiful and diverse prints.
Besides ordering prints on fabrics, you can also order them for wallpaper and gift-wraps. See next section on ordering my prints on home textiles.


Ejm Art at Spoonflower “Home decor products”

Ejm Art prints can be bought on various products like cocktail napkins, placemats, tea towels, and pillows. These are all finished goods, so no sewing skills required.

Be aware that all sewing currently are done only with WHITE top-stitching and therefore might not be suitable for all my print designs. Spoonflower & Roostery are connected in a way that momentarily does not give me the possibility to select only chosen prints to sell at Roostery, therefore please ignore my garment MTM prints and be aware of huge MTM prints not necessarily being useful for all  of Roostery´s products.

I recommend viewing Roostery´s products with my prints from my Pinterest site first.


MTM designs, Pattern Pieces & Tutorials 

My product designs are mainly for display and inspirational purpose , but I like to turn my drawings in to real products. When I do, pattern-pieces will be made available in selected sizes (from xs – xl/xxl).

At the moment you can purchase made to measure (MTM) fabric prints (Ejm Art garment designs) for a Blouse & Sweater. See the print layout to the right of this text (from Your mobile device, see below the text) and an example of the product design by clicking here.

I also design MTM fabric with “Ejm Art huge repeat prints”, at the moment available at my shop in the following repeat dimension: 56″x78.7″ (142cm x 2 meter). My MTM garment designs are created to offer you the best possible utility & economic buy. Tutorials on HOW TO are available here.

Duvet cover with dream branches print. Ejm Art American bedding (finished goods) are purchasable at Spoonflower in twin, queen and king sizes. Buy the print per running meter and DIY or find other designs on DIY bedding kits  HERE

One of my pattern designs. FREE for download.


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